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Taking good field data is difficult. There are always issues to overcome–getting to your field location, ensuring you have everything you need, adapting to the constantly changing weather conditions, finding power to assess your data while in the field, and more. It feels like a constant battle whether you are out for a day or a month.

You hope you have captured the right data but won’t really know until you get back in the office.

At SVC, we understand how you feel. It is frustrating and scary to take time and effort collecting field data only to come home and later determine if you actually have what you need.

Since 2003, we have dedicated ourselves to building the best portable NIR spectroradiometers in the industry. SVC’s i-Series represents a family of instruments that provide the ultimate in acquisition accuracy and repeatable field spectral measurements

In addition to spectral measurement improvements, the newly evolved instruments collect critical institute information such as GPS coordinates, target photographs and external sensor data. We spent years working with the leading spectral scientists not only to make the best instrument but also one that is the best to use in the field.

Now you can know while you are in the field that your data is great.


With an unflagging commitment to research and development — and, personalized, timely support for all generations of our instruments —Spectra Vista Corporation strives to design, produce, supply and support the most advanced, rugged, accurate and reliable field portable spectroradiometers and ancillary products in the world.

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