Fiber Optics

SVC fiber optic light guides are available in various lengths from 10 cm to 10 meters. Standard fiber optic bundles for the full range instruments include over 400 fibers made from the lowest OH materials commercially available for maximum throughput.

The fact that the standard full range bundle contains more than 4 times the number of individual fibers as the closest competitive instrument means that the bundle is more robust and much less likely to be injured. This also means that should a fiber be broken, the energy loss due to the dark fiber is only 25% of what the competitive instrument would experience.

Keep in mind that the fiber optics for the SVC instruments are able to be changed in the field and do not require factory installation.  Also, the fibers to the SVC instruments feed all spectrometers. If a fiber is lost the loss will be experienced across the full spectral range not just the region associated with the particular spectrometer.