Full Sky Irradiance Sphere

The SVC Direct Connect Full Sky Irradiance Sphere (FSIS) provides a rugged and reliable cosine sphere that mounts directly to the i-Series field spectroradiometers.

Full Sky irradiance can be conveniently acquired using the durable, Spectralon® lined FSIS.  The direct mounting of the sphere to the instrument provides an integral assembly that is easily secured to a tripod for leveling.  Using the wireless Bluetooth instrument control, the operator is able to move away from the area to avoid impacting the measurement.

The sphere can also be used in the laboratory to integrate energy from lamps, LEDs and select lasers.  The relay optics efficiently transfer the energy from the sphere to the instrument with minimal loss. The sphere can be ordered with a custom quartz dome if desired.  Irradiance calibrations are performed using our NIST traceable FEL lamps and stabilized power supply.

Reflectance/Transmission Sphere

Enjoy the enhanced accuracy and superior signal levels of both spectral reflectance and transmittance data with the conveniently integrated Spectra DC-R/T Sphere.

This system is a rugged, field-ready Reflectance-Transmission integrating sphere designed to measure reflectance and transmission of leaf samples as small as ½” diameter. All components required are provided in one integrated assembly. Repositioning the lamp from the reflectance port to the transmission port is simplified by a rail and spring operated locator mechanism.  Direct connection to the spectroradiometer and the optimized sphere size ensure superior signal levels.

The system includes a 3” diameter Spectralon sphere, port accessories, calibrated Spectralon standard, light source, power supply and interface port to i-Series spectroradiometers.  All equipment is housed in a sturdy watertight field case.

The sphere system, when connected to an SVC i-Series instrument becomes an integral unit, operable in the field or laboratory without concern for damaged or missing parts.