SVC instruments are used both in the field and in the laboratory, each providing unique advantages. Solar irradiance contains a high level of energy in the VNIR spectral region; however atmosphere absorptions, primarily attributed to moisture, remove a great deal of the energy in the SWIR spectral region. Therefore, it is often valuable to measure samples in the laboratory under artificial illumination as well.

SVC Labstand with instrument

Lab Stand

The SVC instruments can be provided with a laboratory stand and platform that enables the instrument to be firmly mounted at various heights above the sample area. In addition to the instrument mount, the stand incorporates mounting supports for one or two Sunnex lamps.

The lamps are articulated in order to facilitate specific illumination distance and angles while being able to be locked into position for multiple test measurements at specified illumination level.

SVC Lab Light

Lab Light

Sunnex Lamps, with a custom base are available from SVC. This provides a stable light source with maximum flexibility. The Sunnex lamp incorporates a polished aluminum reflector and diffuser in order to provide an even illumination across a wide spectral range.

AC Power Battery Eliminator

The i-Series Battery Eliminator takes the place of the standard instrument battery and is supplied with a power converter that connects directly to the 120 VAC or 220 VAC mains power for uninterrupted instrument operation.