SVC instruments can be used in many different applications.  From Remote Sensing to agriculture & forestry to mining, SVC’s quality, precision, and ease of use will make any job better.


  • Drill Core Analysis
  • Mineral Identification
  • Mineral Mapping
  • Bio-geophysical Mineral Exploration


  • Agriculture
  • Stress Analysis
  • General Plant Health Assessment
  • Early Insect Infestation Detection
  • Nutrient Deficiency Detection
  • Irrigation Sufficiency
  • Weed Detection
  • Soils Assessment
  • Crop Yield Assessment


  • Forest Health Assessment
  • Early Insect Infestation Detection
  • Soil Analysis, Intensity, Size
  • Terrain Assessment

Integrated Custom Applications


  • Quality Control
  • Process Control

Marine & Lakes

  • Turbidity
  • Algae bloom

Defense and Intelligence

  • Reconnaissance
  • Surveillance
  • Law Enforcement

Integrated Custom Solutions


SVC Albedometer

Autonomous measurements can be acquired of both upwelling and downwelling energy via the dual sphere, snow albedometer designed and manufactured for use in the Antarctic.

Lofted by balloon

Land use, forestry and agricultural applications often require averaging larger sample areas in order to align with satellite data.  Elevating the instrument via UAV or balloon provides this perspective.


Naval Research Lab (NRL) Goniometer

SVC provided the revolutionary goniometer system and spectroradiometer under contract to the Naval Research Laboratory. The system nicknamed the “GOPHER” has been used for many research projects in United States and Australia.

NASA Goniometer

Based on the original FIGOS goniometer, NASA Stennis purchased one of the early GER 3700 instruments for inclusion into their portable goniometer system. NASA AMES Research assisted in the integration of the instrument and goniometer

FIGOS Goniometer

One of the earliest field transportable goniometers was designed by scientists at the University of Zurich Remote Sensing Laboratory and incorporated the GER 3700 spectroradiometer. Members of the SVC team worked in support of this early goniometer system integration.

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