The physics are simple. Great spectroradiometers get the most photons to the to the highest quality detectors.

✔ The best sensors on the market today
✔ Optical design maximizes light collected and sent to the detectors
✔ A durable instrument packaged and made for the field

High-res version of the HR-1024i when your samples have sharp features and you need the extra resolution.

Our highest performance full-range spectroradiometer built to handle all of your needs.

Covers 350nm-1890nm with all the features and ease of use of our full-range instruments in a limited range.

A full-range instrument at a lower price point for when you don’t need all the performance of the HR-1024i.

An entry-level, full-range instrument with all the features and ease of use of our higher performance instruments at a more economical price point.

Cover 350nm-1050nm with all the features and ease of use of our full-range instruments for when you need a VNIR only instrument.

All i-Series instruments are built with:

  • The most optimized light path of any field-portable NIR spectroradiometer increases instrument performance
  • Co-aligned symmetrical and uniform fields of view
  • Full conical fields of view eliminating spectral discontinuities and step discontinuities at the spectrometer sensor interfaces
  • Conical fields of view giving better measurement data for all surfaces, especially heterogeneous ones
  • Data stored into the built-in computer– no external computer to carry in the field
  • Scene photos and GPS coordinates stored with every file, so you know exactly what the conditions were for each scan
  • Two Bluetooth devices that allow the instrument to receive data from an external sensor suite containing up to 16 separate sensors.
  • Sensor suites that include downwelling sensors supplying instantaneous broad or narrow band solar response.
  • Sensor data that is stored within the spectral data file, allowing the researcher to understand changes in solar irradiance and assist in corrections