Wireless External Data Interface

Improve your data quality and increase productivity. Add dimension to your spectral data with the WEDI-4 Wireless External Data Interface.

The WEDI-4 provides a cost effective method to monitor and record data from external sensors, while acquiring high quality spectral data with the SVC i -Series spectroradiometers. The i-Series spectroradiometers incorporate a second Bluetooth radio, which can receive up to 4 channels from sensors connected to the WEDI-4.

The external sensors and WEDI-4 can be placed near the area of interest as the spectroradiometer is moved from target to target. By using just the PAR Sensor (supplied with the WEDI-4) the instrument operator can be alerted of changes in downwelling irradiance and take action to avoid collecting erroneous data. The i-Series instruments record the external sensor data for each measurement.

The instrument operator is immediately aware of changes to downwelling sensor signal, and can take the appropriate action. A number of readily available sensors can be connected to the WEDI-4 and customization to new detectors is straightforward.

Need more channels?  The WEDI is available in a 16 channel model, the WEDI-16.  Ask one of our sales reps for more information.