Leaf Clip/Contact Probes & Fiber Optic Adapters


This useful accessory is a Leaf Clip and Reflectance Probe, combined in one compact and easy to use package. When used in combination with a spectroradiometer and fiber optic cable, this device has been designed to enable spectral measurements of various targets using artificial illumination provided by an internal tungsten halogen lamp.

The probe is able to make spectral measurements of leaves or other thin materials, the item to be measured is inserted between the sample holder plate and the window. The sample holder plate mechanism easily enables the selection of either the white or dark plate as a background. When measuring thicker materials, the probe window can be brought to and placed in contact with the target. For contact measurements, the sample holder plate is removed and quickly stored on the handy onboard dock.

Reference measurements are easily made by rotating the sample holder plate so the white reference plate is facing towards the probe window while taking a measurement.

Target measurements are then made either by inserting the target between the sample holder plate and the window, or by moving the probe window up to the target and taking a contact measurement.

Fast in-situ leaf reflectance measurements or soil, mineral or other contact measurements are quickly acquired. All of the needed controls, reference disk, backing disk, and holder are incorporated into the LC-RP PRO head. The operator is able to focus on leaf or other target selection and position rather than attending to a PDA or Notebook computer to initiate the measurement.

The internal stabilized light and power supply provide an even, reliable illumination source, ensuring consistent and properly directed full range energy to the reference disk and target area. The power is delivered by connection to the SVC i-Series instruments, while an optional light weight battery pack can be used when other spectroradiometers are used with the LC-RP PRO.

Fiber Optic Pistol Grip

The easiest way to hold your fiber optic cable for long periods of time in the field.  Simply insert the fiber optic cable into the pistol grip handle and lock it in place.  We eliminate any interfaces to give you the maximum light throughput.

Foreoptic Adaptor with Actuator

The most convenient way to use foreoptics in the field for extended periods of time, our Foreoptics Adaptor with Actuator allows you to use any SVC foreoptic easily onehanded.